How did Blessings get its start?

I spoke with Mark Zimmerman who told me how the Blessings Lodge came to be. Mark and his wife Brenda were enjoying a family vacation one weekend when Brenda explained to her husband how she would like to visit Amish country. Having never been there before, Mark was intrigued by his wife’s sudden interest in visiting the heartland. After just one trip to the Amish countryside they were hooked. “We fell in love with the area,” said Mark.

Mark and Brenda soon decided that they wanted to become a part of the community and decided to start their own business. Mark told his wife “you need to invest where your heart is.” When they came across the lodge building, tucked just off the main drive through downtown Berlin, they new they had found a real treasure.

Blessings Lodge is now part of Amish Country Lodging which is Berlin’s premier lodging network!

Blessings Lodge

Staying at the lodge is like having your own home away from home Mark explains. “We want it to feel like your place.” Upon arriving at the Blessings Lodge, I found it interesting that there is no place for check-in or main desk area you would expect to find at most bed and breakfasts or lodging areas. Mark explained to me that all the arrangements are made ahead of time by phone. Guests receive a special code once they have booked a room and are free to come and go as they please. Mark says this is just another way to make guests feel like they are driving to a space that belongs to them for the time they are visiting.

Depending on what type of accommodations you are looking for, the lodge and cabin have rooms designed to fit your needs. The lodge rooms are small, cozy rooms to satisfy that romantic getaway you have been looking for, while the larger cabin rooms are big enough to fit the whole family or a group of your closest friends.

Success in the Amish Community

When guests leave Blessings, Mark feels great knowing his guests have left feeling good about their stay. “It feels great knowing that we have touched their lives in some way,” said Mark. The lodge becomes more than just a place to crash at the end of a long day of shopping or site seeing. “We want to feel like we’ve created a memory for you.”

Success among fellow community businesses is also a plus. Other bed and breakfasts in the area don’t view you as a competition said Mark. Everyone works together to make sure each company prospers. When rooms become full at one lodge they feel they can call a neighboring lodge to help fill one of their vacant rooms. This helps make the community of Berlin a prosperous and thriving community.

What the Future Holds for Blessings

Like any good business, Blessings is always looking for ways to grow and improve. The Zimmerman’s want to spend more time updating and personalizing each room. Mark says his wife’s motto is “quality over quantity” and Blessings stands by that. From the colors and textures of the fabrics on the bed to the pictures on the wall, the Zimmerman’s hope to create a memorable and relaxing experience. Mark also hopes to soon build another cabin on the property that would serve as a two to three bedroom family unit.

Blessings is located within walking distance of downtown Berlin making it convenient to shop and eat at some of the finest Amish establishments. So the next time your planning a trip to the heartland and your looking to stay someplace where you can feel at home, check into the Blessings Lodge. You may be surprised at how peaceful the area is and how relaxed you feel after your stay.
Blessings Lodge and Simple Blessings Cabin is located at 5178 TR 359 (Somerset Road) in Berlin, Ohio. Blessings runs specials all year round including rates as low as $59 per night when you book rooms Sunday through Wednesday. To plan your next visit go to www.blessingslodge.com or learn more about daily specials or make a reservation call (330) 204-2880.